Creative Ideas for Research Design: It’s in the bag

When you want your data to dig deeper, you need creative ideas to pump up your research design. The objects we carry with us are a perfect foundation to understand behaviours and priorities that should be influencing your messaging, services and sales and marketing strategies. Next time you’re in your design phase (qual or quant) think about asking people to upload or bring an image with them of the place in their life where your product would live, that could be a bag, a kitchen cupboard, a bathroom shelf, or a tool box. There’s a million stories in there that give…

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Five Reasons Your Last Survey Sucked

There are so many surveys out there. Surveys that organizations do yearly, surveys that get sent out after customer interactions, surveys for donors, surveys for new products, millions of surveys for millions of reasons. And a lot of them suck. SO MUCH. I click on pretty much any survey I see, and without knowing the objectives behind them, I can still tell they aren’t going to get people want they want. So here’s my top five reasons why your last survey sucked, or five ways to make your survey suck less. (There’s more than this btw, so hang in there…

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