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Course Details

In this course we will introduce you to the span of research methods available and the place of research and data science in the decisions you make everyday. You’ll come away with the confidence to design and implement research strategies in-house, an understanding of how to derive meaningful insights from the data and use these insights to ensure a user centric organization or product.

You’ll learn

  • How to lay the ground work for a successful research project
  • Gather the right resources to create successful user experiences.
  • How to create a data science culture within your organization
  • How to plan a year of research that ties into your marketing or fundraising campaigns, product launches and innovation pipeline
  • Fool proof methodologies for creating strategic plans that are customer centric and fueled by insight
  • How to reach out to your users and customers and ensure active participation and engagement in your research projects
  • How to analyze qualitative and quantitative data
  • How to report your results in a way that engages and ensures action
  • Hands-on exercises will be used throughout the training session

Custom Workshops

Sometimes you can’t wait, we get it. Maybe you’re drowning in data already, maybe you’re stuck on your data analysis, or maybe your midway though a research project that just isn’t coming together. We can help. Tell us a little more about what’s going on and we’ll get in touch with a custom research workshop that will bring all your stakeholders together and get that data working for you, like, now.

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