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What Our Clients Say

Caroline has a unique way of looking at all the different sources and data points you have, and showing you how it all fits together. I've been able to make so many decisions with confidence because I finally understand what my customer is doing, and what they actually want.
I really didn't understand how you could use market research to innovate your products and understand your customer. Knowing that all the questions you ask turn into insights about your customer is a game-changer.

Your how-to guide for running the best focus group or survey you can.


First you have the define what you want to know! We'll show you how to decide on, and prioritize all those questions that have been swirling around in your head!


Once you've got all the data in front of you, it's time to figure out what it means. We'll show you how to find the important themes and patterns in the middle of all the clutter!


If you don't design your conversation or questions correctly, you won't get the answers you're looking for. We'll give you the low-down on high quality research design.


Once you know what it all means, it's time to apply it to your business and your product. We'll show you examples of what it means to take action based on customer behaviour and insight.