Our role as supplier-side, consulting market researchers is always fluxing. We aren’t the keepers of the data anymore. For many business challenges, questions and planning initiatives, calling a market research consulting firm isn’t your only option, or even the best option any more.

There’s design consultants, community engagement consultants, innovation consultants, strategic planning consultants, analytics consultants.

You might even DIY it with one of the million tech tools out there.

Each offers solutions and data of their own, and there’s a lot of blurred lines between each industry’s perspectives and methods.

That hybridization can be annoying as MR methods are re-packaged in odd ways,  lacking quality controls, or deep analysis.

Heads up: there’s no stopping it.

All we can do is hybridize back at ’em, and encourage and educate our clients to push the methods forward.

Great research is so much more than a survey. At its best, it’s transformative.

You can download a copy of our recent presentation on research rip-offs and MR disruption here.