In the past six months I’ve wrapped up three different projects that all included gathering data on a competitors. So, here’s what those companies know, that unless the competitor did the same research, that their competitors don’t.

  1. How their own brand values line up with their customers, and the competitors.
  2. What they like about the competitor’s product, and what they don’t.
  3. What other products they’d consider purchasing from organization’s within that category.
  4. The type of content and interaction they share and why on social media.

Just four things. FOUR MASSIVE THINGS! All the information here feeds into brand development, product development and social strategy. Organizations who know these things get their plans, products and strategy right first time, reducing errors and time wasted. Can your organization afford to waste time and effort on plans that aren’t user-centric? Doubtful.

Come and workshop with us in Toronto or NY on June 9th and 16th. You’ll be using data properly and running research projects in no time.