About Caroline


I know what it’s like to have a million questions about why people do what they do, and then have to solve for that to move my businesses forward. I’m a curious person, and I know what marketers and business owners and product designers need – because I’m one too.

I’ve been designing questions and research studies to solve business challenges since 2003. In 2015 I started designing products for neurodivergent kids and parents, and launched my first e-commerce store.

I went to the University of Glasgow, I’m a board member, and a former instructor for New Research Technology for the Post-Graduate Market Research Analyst program at Georgian College. I’ve talked at a bunch of conferences and guested on podcasts and love doing it.

I like talking to people about optimizing e-commerce experiences, community engagement and research and data as the solution to our biggest challenges – business and otherwise.

Also, beekeeping, making great snacks, neurodivergence, parenting and growing your own food. 

If you like talking about that stuff too, let’s connect!

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