When I first started Vireo in 2009 (!) I wanted a small research consulting shop that created innovative methodologies, did work that mattered for smart clients and delivered great service. I think we did all that over time and am thankful for the many successes we’ve had.

But! It’s time for a change. It isn’t 2009 any more, and the world of business decisions is different. The research industry needs something else.

The new Vireo represents that shift. A company that builds the internal capacity of organizations to collect and understand the data that surrounds them. That offers training and support that elevates businesses and brands with evidence based innovation.

We have workshops scheduled throughout 2016, and we’re designing custom workshops for clients who need special attention.

Our research community will launch in May 2016 with even more options for people to help themselves with tools and templates that save time, educate teams and get data working for you.

2016 is going be amazing! See you out there!